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History of the Scholarship Cross Country 5K
The Scholarship Cross Country 5K is one of GMAA's younger races. It was started by Rick Blount with help from Tom Weaver. Rick advertised the race with the theme, "You mean you live in Vermont and don't run in the woods?" Red Rocks Park in South Burlington provides an ideal course for a summer cross country race - fully shaded with paths that are wide with good footing. There are even a couple nice views of Lake Champlain. The race usually attracts many teenagers preparing for the upcoming fall cross country season.

This race is used by the GMAA to help raise money for its scholarship fund. Annually, the GMAA provides two scholarships to graduating seniors who plan to attend college. In 2003 the scholarships were $500 each.

Thanks to all Scholarship Cross Country race directors: Rick Blount: 1993, Peter Rollins: 1994,  Roberta Kisebach: 1995-1999, Don and Betty Lacharite: 2000, Mike DeSanto: 2001-2004, Jessica Cover: 2005-2008, Norm Larson, Ken Schatz, Pascal Cheng: 2009-2011, Ken Schatz and Pascal Cheng:2012, Addison Kasmarek:2013-present.

Note that these records are only for as long as we have results populated. We are working on getting all the results moved over.
DateNumber RunnersMaleTimeFemaleTime
2019-08-1750Ryan Stuart17:40Sierra Fisher21:11
2018-09-0946Binney Mitchell17:45.0Allie Nerenberg20:30.6
2017-08-2777adam Bulakowski17:35.7Anne Treadwell19:47.0
2016-08-2190Adron Pitmon15:58:10Anne Treadwell20:35:59
2015-08-2380Teage O'Connor0:15:32Kristen Courcelle0:19:19
2014-08-1077Christopher Stadler16:20:71Flora Berklein19:29:24
2013-08-11118Noah Graboys0:16:13Kasie Enman0:18:20
2012-08-1185Daniel Grosvenor0:16:14Anne Bliss0:20:29
2011-08-2835Brian Lang0:16:50Anne Bliss0:20:49(Pictures)
2010-08-2964Mike Griffin15:51Sumner Fletcher19:42
2009-08-23117Mike Griffin15:44Kasie Enman17:36
2008-08-0378Scott Loomis16:16Caitlyn Clark18:38
2007-08-1194Russell Brown15:31Megan Valentine19:46
2006-08-12111A.J. Kelly15:58Megan Valentine19:22
2005-08-1392Jeff Manley15:53Cait McTague19:27
2004-08-14102Paul Ryan15:19Katie White19:41
2003-08-14109Michael Payson15:53Jennie Bender19:20
2002-08-14104Eric Morse15:51Katie White19:25
2001-08-1184Mike Payson15:40Kerry White19:06
2000-08-1289Michael Payson15:36Molly Enman19:28
1999-08-0762Nathan Shenk-Boright15:37Alysia Wade18:14
1998-08-0875Nathan Shenk-Boright15:55Sue McNamara18:24
1997-08-0976Binney Mitchell15:40Caitlin Compton19:27
1996-08-1077Binney Mitchell16:03Kristin Ely20:36
1995-08-1239Chris Vollaro17:22Claudine Levy21:45
1994-08-13106Randy Sightler16:04Janet Parker21:07
1993-08-1477Jim Miller15:59Kellie Dutra19:06

Age Group Records

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0-131998Nathan Shenk-Boright15:551999Caitlin Compton18:27
13-192007Andrew Wheating15:312001Kerry White19:06
20-292004Paul Ryan15:192009Kasie Enman17:36
30-392015Teage O'Connor0:15:322013Kasie Enman0:18:20
40-492003Michael Payson15:532017Anne Treadwell19:47.0
50-592006Norm Larson17:122018Anne Treadwell20:36.3
60-692009Chuck Arnold20:122013Patty Foltz0:23:10
70-792015Ted McKnight0:23:472006Betty LaCharite31:59
80-892018Jack Turner41:55.0