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History of the Round Church Women's Run
The Round Church Women's Run is the oldest women's only race in Vermont. It started in 1979 when the number of women runners was increasing, to help encourage more to join the sport. It was also the first race to have regular age groups for women. Prior to the first race, there was often only two women age groups - 0-24 and 25+. The 25 year old split was to separate high school and college runners from "housewives". (This is how the a 10/26/1979 Burlington Free Press article quoted women over age 25 when talking about running!) Women's running has certainly come a long way since 1979. Some people have questioned whether we still need a women's only race - the answer appears to be yes. The race still attracts many new runners, including  many under the age of 13 involved in various girl running programs. Additionally, it is nice for the fast women to be the first across the finish line and lead a race with no one in front of them. 

The Round Church Women's Run has had many directors over the years: Dianne Schullenberger, Amy Valentine, John Scheer, Andrea Houlihan, Deb Tirrito, Michelle Everleth, Kasie Enman, Martha Keenan, Lori Hennessey, Sylvia Frisbee and others. Thanks to all for making this a quality race!

Note that these records are only for as long as we have results populated. We are working on getting all the results moved over.
DateNumber RunnersFemaleTime
2019-07-27116Kasie Enman18:17.4
2018-07-28106Patricia Harris02:01.2
2017-07-15103Jess Marini19:34.1
2016-07-30122Julie McGilpin19:28.9
2015-08-01117Claire Trotter0:20:11
2014-08-23132Lindy Heffernan20:11
2013-08-24202Kate Leugers18:38
2012-08-25210Chloe Boutelle0:19:32
2011-08-20178Liz Hollenbach19:57.5(Pictures)
2010-08-21155Sarah London19:48(Pictures)
2009-08-15154Elizabeth Harrison20:12
2008-08-23149Kate Leugers19:04
2007-08-25137Leslie Myers20:05
2006-08-26165Diane Legare19:10
2005-08-20128Aliza Lapierre19:17
2004-08-21126Diane Legare18:47
2003-08-23140Joan Wry20:19
2002-08-24110Kasie Wallace18:46
2001-08-25151Tessa Benoit19:15
2000-08-26122Erin Sullivan18:34
1999-08-21152Erin Sullivan17:23
1998-08-2284Erin Sullivan17:32
1997-08-2341Joan Wry19:42
1996-08-2445Joan Wry19:13
1994-08-2041Debbie Tirrito18:39

Age Group Records VT13002JK

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0-132017Camille Bolduc21:15.8
13-192013Autumn Eastman19:37
20-292013Kate Leugers18:38
30-392018Kasie Enman17:59.1
40-492018Hayden Dodge02:02.1
50-592018Anne Treadwell20:56.1
60-692014Ruth Blauwiekel23:13
70-792018Patricia Harris02:01.2
80-892016Betty Lacharite50:19.8

Age Group Records VT02007WN

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0-132005Mary Crowley22:04
13-192000Erin Sullivan18:34
20-292002Kasie Wallace18:46
30-392002Charlotte Brynn19:48
40-492011Anne Bliss19:59.6
50-592004Diane Legare18:47
60-692000Sylvia Weiner26:29
70-792001Sylvia Weiner26:44
80-892011Sylvia Weiner38:53.0
DateNumber RunnersFemaleTime
2019-07-2743Danielle Simons-Cheney41:50.0
2018-07-2847Justine Sunshine00:33.8
2017-07-1547Meg Laut40:36.6
2016-07-3079Lori Crotts39:16.6
2015-08-0176Kim Loeffler0:38:25
2014-08-2394Meghan Lout38:03
2013-08-24145Megan Valentine00:39:09
2012-08-25116Kate Leugers0:38:44
2011-08-20111Abbey Kaknes0:38:39(Pictures)
2010-08-21107Anne Bliss41:17(Pictures)
2009-08-15104Kate Leugers39:15
2008-08-2397Kathy Provencher39:32
2007-08-25127Jessica Cover41:43
2006-08-26111Megan Valentine40:39
2005-08-20109Amy Vile38:01
2004-08-2185Kasie Enman38:31
2003-08-2399Christy Lacey-Krietz40:15
2002-08-2478Susan McNamara39:26
2001-08-25106Erin Sullivan37:54
2000-08-2695Angie DeFilippi39:56
1999-08-2188Joya Tetreault39:12
1998-08-2258Sue McNamara36:51
1997-08-2321Sue McNamara37:07
1996-08-2432Sue Barber37:59
1994-08-2025Sue Dacey41:41

Age Group Records VT13003JK

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0-132016Caelyn McDonough54:06.0
13-192013Paige Radney00:46:55
20-292013Allie Yanikoski00:41:19
30-392013Megan Valentine00:39:09
40-492013Kathy Provencher00:41:55
50-592013Patricia Driscoll00:48:19
60-692013Margaret Curtis00:55:37

Age Group Records VT02008WN

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0-132010Althea Devereux51:23
13-192012Taylor Spillane0:40:41
20-292001Erin Sullivan37:54
30-392012Sarah Auer0:39:09
40-492002Susan McNamara39:26
50-592001Janet Labuc40:48
60-692010Jeanne-Yvonne Tucker45:30
70-792006Betty LaCharite62:20