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History of the Partners Race
The Partners Race is a unique Vermont race. It was started by Mike and Claudia Sullivan in 1979 and was intended to be 5.0 miles. Early measurements showed the race to be 4.8 miles and it was kept the same for 28 races. In 2007 the club decided to certify the course and extend it to a true 5 miler. The start was moved up Bolger Hill Road, which gives the course a net drop of 50 feet - a useful tool to combat Shillhammer Hill at mile 2! The certification showed the original course to be exactly 4.725 miles. While the hills can be as challenging as the Rollin Irish hills, the shorter distance, shade, and scenery make it all worthwhile. Scoring for the race is done by adding ages and times of male-female pairs. Many runners come to the race paired up, but others plot for a fast and age appropriate partner to secure a fast team time. There are always a few "non-paired" singles that comprise a singles division. An award is also given to the fastest "true couple" (married).

In 2007 another race change was to move the race to early May to take the "Trollheim weekend" after that race completed its historic run. The earlier date will eliminate the Clarence DeMar - Partners "within a week" scheduling syndrome as well as offer cooler temperatures. The race was not held in 1995. Thanks to the race directors who have made this race a success: 1979-87: Mike and Claudia Sullivan, Tom and Nancy McGann: 1988-1989, Bill and Chris Griffin: 1990, Barb and Dave Capen: 1991-2003, Mark Wanner: 2004, Sue Turcotte: 2005, Nathan Fields: 2006-present

Note that these records are only for as long as we have results populated. We are working on getting all the results moved over.
DateNumber RunnersMaleTimeFemaleTime
2012-05-1245Norm Larson0:28:24Jessica Cover0:34:22
2011-05-0736Joe Noonan29:08Gabrielle Naranja34:29
2010-05-0157George Deane28:35Anne Bliss33:29(Pictures)
0000-00-0078Joshua Brown0:28:24Lori Crotts0:31:47

Age Group Records

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0-132010Mark Munson Warken66:502012Althea Devereux0:38:43
13-192012Keegan Heston0:48:292011Gabrielle Naranja34:29
20-292012Joe Miller0:29:202010Robyn Anderson34:04
30-392010George Deane28:352010Megan Valentine33:54
40-492011Joe Noonan29:082010Anne Bliss33:29
50-592012Norm Larson0:28:242010Ruth Blauwiekel40:14
60-692010Chuck Arnold35:142010Moria Durnin39:49
70-792012Bob Murphy0:40:11