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History of the Clarence DeMar Road Race
The Clarence DeMar Road Race was started in 1983 by Mike Simpson at the suggestion of Ray Allen. Clarence DeMar lived in South Hero and attended UVM and later became famous for winning 7 Boston Marathons, a record that still stands today. Originally a 5K and 10K course, in 2008 it was shortened to only have a 5K due to increasing numbers of participants and logistical issues. The current certified course is entirely on South Street and perfectly straight with a slight uphill for the first 2.75K and a slight downhill for the last 2.25K. The course goes past Clarence's house twice. The race is a big family event and is followed by the South Hero Fourth of July parade. A free quarter mile kid's race was added in 2008 in the schoolyard. In 1999 the race officially became a GMAA event. The course was officially certified in 2001.

Thanks to all Clarence DeMar Road Race directors: Mike Simpson: 1983-2001, Fred Lane: 2002, Steve Eustis: 2003, Barb and Dave Capen: 2004-2007, Matt Dall: 2008-2012, Jessica Bolduc and Liz Hollenbach: 2011-2012, Jessica Bolduc, Liz Hollenbach and Sarah Pribram: 2013-Present.

Note that these records are only for as long as we have results populated. We are working on getting all the results moved over.
DateNumber RunnersMaleTimeFemaleTime
2019-07-04235Turner Zamore16:29.5Kerry Allen17:45.9
2018-07-04257Teage! O'Connor15:29.8Kerry Allen18:15.6
2017-07-04284Turner Zamore16:10.0Lori Howe17:56.3
2016-07-04296Turner Zamore16:31.2Lori Crotts18:17.3
2015-07-04291Teage O'Connor15:22Justine Morrison17:57
2014-07-05251Teage O'Connor15:54.7casey hecox19:29.2
2013-07-06291Binney Mitchell16:04.2Kate Leugers18:53.3
2012-07-04329Stephen Donahue16:23Mary Kate Champagne17:27
2011-07-04392Binney Mitchell0:16:31Deirdre Moran0:18:32(Pictures)
2010-07-04337Aaron Roberston15:33Sara Donahue18:21(Pictures)
2009-07-04288Teage O'Connor15:55Anne Benson18:45(Pictures)
2008-07-04319Stephen Donahue15:43Sara Donahue17:16(Pictures)
2007-07-04218Adron Pitmon16:47Jessica Bolduc19:02
2006-07-04203Joe Gingras17:16Anne Treadwell19:17
2005-07-04186Brad Allen16:20Susan McNamara19:10
2004-07-04184Jeff Manley15:42Joan Wry19:57(Pictures)
2003-07-04212Francis Burdett15:54Diane Legare18:30
2002-07-04148Brian Letourneau17:49Megan Hepp19:05(Pictures)
2001-07-04155Sean Gross17:12Heidi Parish20:08
2000-07-04104Patrick Hamel15:54Holly Fryberger19:04
1999-07-04101Jamie Good17:53Joan Wry19:43
1998-07-0486ART FOWLER18:12BARB CAPEN21:32

Age Group Records VT08001RF

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0-132016Richard Oberholzer19:19.02014Camille Bolduc21:20.4
13-192008Adron Pitmon16:352012Taylor Spillane18:49
20-292018Brendan Copley15:46.32008Sara Donahue17:16
30-392015Teage O'Connor15:222019Kerry Allen17:45.9
40-492013Binney Mitchell16:04.22019Jennifer Sober17:46.9
50-592008Norm Larson16:272012Kathy Champagne20:25
60-692014Kevin McMahon18:34.12015Ruth Blauwiekel23:59
70-792018Gordon MacFarland21:16.52014bernet merritt23:50.2
80-892015Jean Bernaquez28:252019Ann Hallowell44:04.5

Age Group Records VT02005WN

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0-132003Jason Miller21:402004Savannah Hart22:37
13-192007Adron Pitmon16:472005Heather Mclaughlin20:16
20-292004Jeff Manley15:422007Megan Valentine19:29
30-392003Francis Burdett15:542007Jessica Bolduc19:02
40-492003Sam Davis16:102005Susan McNamara19:10
50-592007Kevin McMahon17:202003Diane Legare18:30
60-692003Hugh Wilson21:572005Barb Bloom27:32
70-792003Jean Bernaquez22:082006Barbara Jordan38:25
DateNumber RunnersMaleTimeFemaleTime
2007-07-04164Rick Rountree34:03Kasie Enman38:00
2006-07-04150Sam Davis34:02Laura Holmes40:30
2005-07-04123Mark Churchill33:52Jennifer Hill40:56
2004-07-04134Greg Wenneborg32:49Katie White41:22(Pictures)
2003-07-04141Jim Miller34:46Stephanie Wenneborg40:35
2002-07-04141Andrew Kish33:53Katie Greenia39:38(Pictures)
2001-07-04188Binney Mitchell33:16Susan Barber39:16
2000-07-04127Binney Mitchell32:51Ann Cernicek42:27
1999-07-0477Andy Kish33:56Sue Barber39:35

Age Group Records VT02006WN

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0-132007Austin Hughes61:172007Sarah Lawrence68:29
13-192004David Shenk36:052004Katie White41:22
20-292005Mark Churchill33:522007Kasie Enman38:00
30-392004Greg Wenneborg32:492006Laura Holmes40:30
40-492006Sam Davis34:022004Susan McNamara41:27
50-592006Norm Larson35:342007Cindy New42:58
60-692007Peter Davis42:462003Linda Coffin54:12
70-792007Bert Moffatt51:062006Betty LaCharite65:50