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History of the Common to Common 30K
The Common to Common 30K is the GMAA's newest race. The course and race were designed by Steve Eustis in 2003. Noting that there were no races in Vermont between a half and full marathon, there seemed an opportunity to provide a fall marathon training race, a marathon alternative, and a marathon "step up" (for those working towards the marathon distance). The title is loosly based on the defunct "Fort to Fort 30K" from the 1980s at Fort Ticonderoga, NY. Runners travel between the historic Vermont "commons" of Essex and Westford on their journey through rural farm and forest land. The course is designed so that only 20 volunteers are needed to serve the racers with a quality experience (7 aid stations, few intersections, certified, all mile and 5K intervals marked). It is part loop and part out and back (enough out and back that a runner should be able to see the entire field). The race starts and ends at the historic Memorial Hall on the common in Essex Center. Medallions are given to all finishers to recognize the accomplishment of the distance.

Hall of fame

Through the 2014 race

By popular demand, here is the hall of fame list for the Common to Common 30K, run annually in Essex Center, VT since 2004. To make this list, a runner has finished every Common to Common 30K since the race's inception. The second category, "Volunteer Hall of Famer", recognizes those that have finished or volunteered for every 30K. Some have always volunteered and some have alternated running and volunteering.

Women Hall of Famers:
Ellie Bouffard

Men Hall of Famers:

Chuck Arnold

Volunteer Hall of Famers:
Steve Eustis
Bill Everett
Charlie Windisch

Thanks to all Common to Common 30K race directors: Steve Eustis: 2004-present

Note that these records are only for as long as we have results populated. We are working on getting all the results moved over.

DateNumber RunnersMaleTimeFemaleTime
2018-09-1544George Deane1:54:54Erin Lohrenz2:15:59
2017-09-1651Neal Graves1:57:52Kasie Enman2:06:05
2016-09-1756Binney Mitchell2:00:45Sarah London2:22:14
2015-09-1962Tom Thurston1:56:56Leah Frost2:05:41
2014-09-2094Christopher Funch1:52:44Aly Millett2:10:17
2013-09-2197Steve Wallace2:05:48Sarah Amin2:18:33
2012-09-15100Tom Thurston1:53:46Anne Bliss2:09:30(Pictures)
2011-09-1788Richie Spitsberg1:52:00Sarah London2:12:47(Pictures)
2010-09-18105Binney Mitchell1:51:00Sarah London2:11:17(Pictures)
2009-09-1999Thomas Howard1:59:14Megan Malgeri2:10:15(Pictures)
2008-09-2084Connor Jennings1:57:10Kathy Provencher2:12:29(Pictures)
2007-09-1590Mark Churchill1:56:21Kathy Provencher2:15:59(Pictures)
2006-09-1681Rick Rountree1:47:18Angie Defilippi2:15:28(Pictures)
2005-09-1763Joe McNamara1:55:37Cindy New2:13:27
2004-09-1876Stephen Donahue1:50:36Cindy New2:13:42

Age Group Records VT15002JK

View all time performance list here
20-292018Erin Lohrenz2:15:59
30-392018George Deane1:54:542015Leah Frost2:05:41
40-492016Binney Mitchell2:00:452015Meredith Dutton2:29:44
50-592015Tom Thurston1:56:562015Nancy Fawley2:34:24
60-692018Jack Pilla2:11:042018Sue Hackney2:45:48
70-792017Chuck Arnold2:41:42

Age Group Records VT04001RF

View all time performance list here
13-192008Connor Jennings1:57:102012Nicole Gruszczynski2:17:46
20-292006Rick Rountree1:47:182009Megan Malgeri2:10:15
30-392007Mark Churchill1:56:212010Sarah London2:11:17
40-492010Binney Mitchell1:51:002012Anne Bliss2:09:30
50-592010Jack Pilla2:00:282007Cindy New2:16:08
60-692009Chuck Arnold2:10:062012Dot Helling2:48:36
70-792012Newton Baker3:17:22