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History of the Art Tudhope 10K
The Art Tudhope 10K is one of the oldest races in Vermont. It was started in 1971 by Larry Kimball. The race was to honor former UVM hall of famer Colonel Arthur Tudhope. He was very active in local running and was a teacher and coach at the Essex Junction High School (now ADL middle school). Read about Arthur Tudhope in this spring 2004 GMAA newsletter article.

The race started as a 5K cross country run at the ADL school. It then migrated further out in Essex to Trollheim for a year before moving to Shelburne at the site of then race director Charlie Kellogg and became 10K. Later it moved again to Shelburne Beach. The last course change came in 1998 when the Rhoads took over race directing responsibilities. The turn around was moved so that runners went to the covered bridge at Charlotte Beach. From 2000 until 2004 the race was called the "Apple Harvest 10K" because of the races apple themes - it runs through apple orchards during apple season and often gives out apple pies and cider as prizes. For 2005 the name was changed back to "Art Tudhope 10K" to further honor Art Tudhope's contributions to the running community. The course was officially certified in 2001.

Thanks to all Art Tudhope 10K race directors: Larry Kimball, Al and Sally Duval: 1977, Charlie Kellogg, Jon Kohn, Dave Fields, Ellen Rainville, Dave Casey, Linda & Tom Rhoads: 1998-2000, Forrest Lemoine: 2001, Courtney Gates and Monica Moran 2002-2003, Matt and Emily Gallagher: 2004-2008, Jessica Bolduc: 2009-Present

Note that these records are only for as long as we have results populated. We are working on getting all the results moved over.
DateNumber RunnersMaleTimeFemaleTime
2019-10-0598Charles Schaefer33:17Kate Leugers39:35
2018-10-0691Peyton Hoyal00:34:37Lori Howe00:38:43
2017-10-07117Teage O'Connor00:33:55Alicia Freese00:37:06
2016-10-0191Jonnie Dunne0:35:13Caroline Martin0:38:58
2015-10-0377Binney Mitchell0:34:23Kasie Enman0:37:36
2014-10-04121Charlie Schaefer0:33:48Kristen Courcelle0:39:56
2013-10-05115John Stanton-Geddes0:34:12Anne Bliss0:41:14
2012-10-0688Joe Noonan35:35Anne Bliss40:35
2011-10-08134Chris Free0:34:43Sarah Dunn0:38:40(Pictures)
2010-10-09106Ian Kola35:21Megan Valentine42:52(Pictures)
2009-10-1069Eric Barr36:14Suzanne Beste42:26
2008-10-1185Teage O'Connor32:19Anne Treadwell41:37
2007-10-1398Jim Miller35:20Carole Hakstian38:50
2006-10-0762Nathan Fields34:38Anne Treadwell40:05
2005-10-0833Michael Early36:31Cindy New42:10
2004-10-0976Chris Berger35:15Jessica Racusin41:25
2003-10-1170Joshua Brown34:12Carole Harris38:47
2002-10-1280Nick Richardson32:56Stephanie Carr40:36
2001-10-1383Jim Miller35:31Jessie Holmes39:16
2000-10-0765Patrick Scott35:42Angie DeFillipi38:49
1999-10-0917Todd Silk38:20Angie DeFilippi40:29
1998-10-1035Gordon MacFarland37:00Dot Martin39:14
1997-10-1119Binney Mitchell32:35Cathy Martell44:54
1996-10-1228Binney Mitchell33:08Jennifer Miller43:05

Age Group Records VT13007JK

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0-132014Mark Munson-Warnken0:49:54
110-1192019Amanda Vella56:19
13-192014Dakota Greenblatt0:38:422017Jack Humiston00:42:08
20-292018Peyton Hoyal00:34:372017Alicia Freese00:37:06
30-392017Teage O'Connor00:33:552018Lori Howe00:38:43
40-492017Adam Bulakowski00:37:052017Anne Treadwell00:42:07
50-592017Allen Mead00:38:292017Dot Martin00:44:54
60-692018Douglas Goodfellow00:42:342018Caryn Etherington00:52:16
70-792018Peter Davis00:46:422017Judith Craig01:22:10
80-892017Stanley Moulton01:04:40

Age Group Records VT02004WN

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0-132003Megan Riddle69:07
13-192010Ian Kola35:212011Lindsay Gabel0:44:52
20-292008Teage O'Connor32:192001Jessie Holmes39:16
30-392002Joshua Brown33:442011Sarah Dunn0:38:40
40-492008Joshua Brown33:592007Carole Hakstian38:50
50-592010Tony Bates35:552007Cindy New42:23
60-692010Edward McSweeney40:072012Marian Feldman57:15
70-792010John Pelton48:28

Age Group Records VT02004WN-RE

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20-292009Kyle Baitz40:222009Amy Barr43:00
30-392009Eric Barr36:142009Danielle Gallant47:19
40-492009Joe Noonan36:512009Suzanne Beste42:26
50-592009Jim Miller36:512009Ruth Blauwiekel49:41
60-692009Chuck Arnold40:442009Vera Nichols63:22
70-792009John Pelton47:11

Age Group Records VT02004WN-SH

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13-192000Leha Poliquin54:42
20-292000Andrew Pedersen38:192000Angie DeFillipi38:49
30-392000Patrick Scott35:422000Aimee Motta40:43
40-492000Bill Dysart37:222000Cathy Martell44:09
50-592000Gordon MacFarland39:432000Lane Dunn45:33
60-692000Bert Moffatt46:002000Betty Lacharite58:20