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History of the Archie Post Five Miler
The Archie Post Five Miler is the oldest race in Vermont. It was started in 1969 by Bill Nedde, the track coach at UVM. The race was to honor former 40 year UVM coach and hall of famer Archie Post. UVM was the official race director from the race's inception through 1980. The GMAA took over race directing responsibilities in 1981 when NCAA rules changed and prohibited college athletes from competing in road races during the season. UVM has continued to be a slient sponsor, allowing the GMAA to use Gutterson Field House lobby and the Archie Post fields.

The Archie Post course has changed several times over the years. The initial course started at the Kwiniaska Golf Course on Spear Street and went due north to the Gutterson driveway. This course actually varied slightly year to year between 5.0 and 5.2 miles. From 1981 to 1984 the course was essentially the same, but the start was moved to make the course exactly 5.0 miles. In 1985 the start of the race was moved to Governor's Lane to get some of the race off of increasingly busy Spear Street. As traffic on Spear continued to increase, the course was again moved in 1995. The start of this version was at the corner of Dorset and Barstow and followed Dorset and Swift before returning to Spear for the final two miles. In 2001 the course changed to get completely off the streets and avoiding traffic entirely. Completed in 2001, the South Burlington bike path now provides a scenic and safe course for the runners.

Thanks to all Archie Post race directors: UVM (Bill Nedde and Ed Kusiak): 1969-1980, Bruce Cunningham: 1981-1996 (with E.K. Malone 1981-85 and Steve Eustis 1996), Steve and Cathy Eustis: 1997-2004, Mark Wanner: 2005, Mike and Marybeth Early:2006-2008(with Sherry Ricker 2008), Russ Cooke, Ellie Bouffard, Bob Sayers: 2009-2013, Russ Cooke and Bob Sayers:2014-present.

Note that these records are only for as long as we have results populated. We are working on getting all the results moved over.
DateNumber RunnersMaleTimeFemaleTime
2019-09-0153Charlie Schaefer26:58Allie Nerenberg35:35
2018-09-0260Teage O'Connor25:49Allie Nerenberg34:00
2017-09-0364George Deane27:49Anne Treadwell32:55
2016-09-0494John Santon-Geddes27:20Christine Hagan31:51
2015-09-0664John Stanton-Geddes27:19Emily Hulme30:40
2014-09-0771Chris Stadler26:41Flora Berklein31:28
2013-09-0894Teage O'Connor27:07Anne Bliss33:28(Pictures)
2012-09-09115Brian Lang26:20Kasie Enman29:17
2011-09-10114Brian Lang26:46Christine Hagan30:56(Pictures)
2010-09-12121Eli Enman26:30Robyn Anderson30:50
2009-09-12103Scott Loomis26:54Kasie Enman29:35
2008-09-06117Teage O'Connor26:02Megan Valentine30:56
2007-09-08104Rick Rountree26:37Megan Valentine32:21
2006-09-09106Rick Rountree26:20Carole Hakstian31:23
2005-09-1092Joe McNamara27:36Cindy New32:58
2004-09-11101Nathan Fields29:23Cindy New32:40
2003-09-06130Josh Brown27:25Carole Harris30:19
2002-09-14109Binney Mitchell26:34Stephanie Carr32:37
2001-09-09126Marc Gilbertson26:02Susan McNamara32:10
2000-09-1661Joe McNamara26:55Brooke Mabe30:39
1999-09-1882Larry Allard30:24Sarah Nixon30:33
1998-09-1264Binney Mitchell26:26Dot Martin32:36
1997-09-0646Joe McNamara26:03Sue McNamara30:14
1996-09-1448Binney Mitchell26:33Christine Wilderotter33:00
1995-09-1668Joe McNamara27:11Sue Manley32:30
1994-09-1739Binney Mitchell27:08Lisa Kilborn39:31
1993-09-1842David Wilhide28:25Cathy Desmond34:19
1992-09-1973Jim Miller26:35Kathy Aragon30:17
1991-09-1481Jim Miller26:03Caryn Etherington31:25
1990-09-1548Ed Drapp28:02Moira Durnin31:28
1989-09-23104Alex McHenry26:16Deb Tirrito29:54
1988-09-1055Alex McHenry26:21Linda Coffin35:10
1987-09-1260Eric Morse24:54Deb Glendinning30:15
1986-09-1366Eric Morse24:31Pat Bannerman33:19
1985-09-08112Eric Morse26:27Pam Titus30:48
1984-09-0967Bob Maurer25:26Beth Paxson31:14
1983-09-11140Tony Bates25:19Pam Titus31:35
1982-09-12120Steve Stebbins25:32Joanne Musoif31:10
1981-09-12230Jim Miller24:22Beth Paxson28:46
1980-09-0694Jim Miller25:35
1978-09-09194Hank Pfeifle26:00Anne Schiavone31:16

Age Group Records VT13006JK

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0-132018Taylor Carlson38:302016Quincy Massey-Bierman37:40
13-192016Kyle Gibbons31:382017Lauren King38:18
20-292014Chris Stadler26:412014Flora Berklein31:28
30-392018Teage O'Connor25:492015Emily Hulme30:40
40-492013Binney Mitchell27:152017Anne Treadwell32:55
50-592017Tom Thurston28:522018Anne Treadwell34:30
60-692019Jim Miller30:512016Diane Legare35:25
70-792017Peter Davis38:392014Betty Lacharite78:39
80-892018Phillip Howard56:04

Age Group Records VT02003WN

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0-132003Niall McMahon40:362003Abby Mitchell38:26
13-192008Matthew Thwaites27:242005Julie Moultroup35:20
20-292008Teage O'Connor26:022010Robyn Anderson30:50
30-392001Marc Gilbertson26:022012Kasie Enman29:17
40-492012Binney Mitchell26:342001Susan McNamara32:10
50-592006Norm Larson27:452007Cindy New34:04
60-692010Edward McSweeney31:102011Patty Foltz37:52
70-792009John Pelton36:432008Betty LaCharite53:38
80-892011Donald Lacharite1:05:47